“Basic English for You” Program

Our ongoing efforts to transform the lives of orphaned children

From Grade 5 (age 10) to Grade 10 (age 16)

The Mary K. Yap Foundation’s “Basic English for You” program will commit financial assistance to those orphaned children who want to study English at the young age. The aim of the program is to give a head start for these youths as young as 10 years old to become exposed to a global language, thereby becoming smarter and wiser.

This is a three months class. The selected children will have an opportunity for basic “English Lessons” with the goal of reaching to the intermediate level at the end of each program. The Foundation ambition is for all the orphan managed organizations in Myanmar to be dedicated with one English teacher per one orphanage during the year. We strive for the orphans to become role models in their respective orphan community not only as a result of English as the global language, but also the orphan attendees of the program can bring immediate impact to the society where they represent.

We are pleased to share snapshots of these participating candidates who are benefiting from this program
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