Candidate: #1

Date: June 01, 2017

Name: Theophine @ Than Than Htwe

Birth place: Amatgyi Village, Laputta Township, Ayeyarwaddy Division

Translated version from Orignial Myanmar text to English language

Expression of Interest

My name is Theophine, a.k.a Than Than Htwe. Now, I’m attending Grade 9 at Myaung Taga High School from Hmawbi. I have 8 siblings. I am the youngest one. My age is 14. I have 5 remaining siblings because 3 were lost in Cyclone Nargis. I am alive because of my sister, Nay Chi Hnin who rescued me. She carried me on her back. I will always be indebted to my elder sister. She has been my source of inspiration to help me make it this far..

Someday, I hope to return my lifetime gratitude to my sister. I want to repay her with everything I have. She said it jokingly that one day when I grow older and start to earn income from work, I will not remember to take care of her. I'm really sad to hear these words. I believe myself that I will never become ruthless to mistreat my sister. I am always in tears when she brings this in our conversations. Sometimes, I want to run away because my sister has this misconception about people in general who forget to say thank you or who doesn't appreciate the smallest things in life.

When I think about my family and think about my future, “there are no educated members among the siblings. I asked myself, "how to be an educated if I haven’t try hard”. If someone make me sad, I don’t want to see anyone. I don’t want to talk anyone and I don’t want to go outside. I'm so shy. I can easily become embarrassed if someone scold me or ridiculed me in the public.

If I am an adult, I want to volunteer in one of the philanthropy organizations and become an active team member to give my hand. I really admired the youths who came to our orphanage from the St. Francis Mission. They really inspired me to do more and give more. They collected charitable funds and spend time donating these available funds. I really enjoy this activity. I am also grateful for lending a hand at the Myittamon Shelter.

I understand that it takes valuable time and energy to be with us. If we don’t do well in class, all efforts made will be degraded. At the moment, the after school Tuition classes are located far from our orphanage. We have to travel quite long to reach to the Tuition center. Sometimes the heat and the sweaty palms and forehead makes it little challenging for me to sit in class to concentrate. Two students who sit beside me talk a lot. That makes it little more challenging. The boys seated behind me also teases me, but I tried not to get them into my head since these are part of the learning and new experiences. I completely understand that these little inconvenience are part of the "Human Nature’.

I will always pray for the success the Mary K. Yap Foundation. Now I will stop writing. Apologies if I had created any inconveniences in my writing. Thank you so much for the time spent. I will try very hard and take my education very seriously. “Fighting”, May God Bless all of you.

Additional line added.
“Yes, I Can!” My native town is Ayeyarwaddy Division, Lapputa Township, Aamatgyi village. My eldest brother and my eldest sister are living at village. My elder brother and my elder sister are living in Yangon. During the school holidays, I live with my elder sister.

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