Orphanage ambassador team, whom are lending their hands to needy children leading by Mr. K. Yap

Lending their hands from Orphanage ambassador team

January 1, 2017

by staff volunteer

P eople that face many struggles in life during their youth often have trouble obtaining the experience and studies needed for a successful life career. Although some people can successfully overcome these early struggles on their own, many can’t without love and support from their parents and relatives. These are disadvantaged children.

In 2016, UNICEF estimated that 140 million children worldwide were orphans.

Vice President Peter K. Yap of the Mary K. Yap Foundation, holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Business from San Francisco State University, a Master of Business Administration from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and successfully completed the Stanford Executive Program (SEP) at Stanford University. He is the proud father of four young children. On Dec 23, 2016, Mr. Yap, along with six dedicated team members, visited the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary orphanage in Hmawbi, Yangon Division, which is about two hours away from Yangon. He and his team carried educational books, umbrellas, and a biryani lunch, along with other gifts for the thirty-one teenage girls at the orphanage. With millions of children around the world facing a lack of basic necessities such as food, clothing, education, and a place to live, they did what they could to help give these few children a better chance of a successful future not only with material gifts but also the warmth, comfort, support, and hugs in the absence of parents and family at Christmas.

Mr. Yap advised the teenagers that, “There are a lot of children like you growing up in difficult circumstances, but there are always opportunities that you can catch if you look for them. To get the most opportunities out of life, check your potential and your opportunities everyday. If you ran fast yesterday, today you should run faster. Train your potential to a higher level so that you're prepared to catch the opportunities you're offered in life. A successful person looks for opportunities to improve themselves throughout their life.”

Among the Christmas gifts was one secret one, it was revealed to be “Magician Minn Let Yarr” who is famous across Myanmar. His delightful performance and stories about his life served to inspire confidence and happy memories for the children.

“I really owe a lot of gratitude to Mr. Peter for giving me the opportunity to make the children happy and smile with my magic performance. Today is a special day in my life. I really pay homage to this generous charity and also thank the Mary K. Yap Foundation for their generosity on behalf of Myanmar orphan communities,” Mr. Minn Let Yarr said afterwards.

About the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary Orphanage:

Also know as Myittamon Orphanage, Hmawbi, Yangon. Franciscan Missionaries of Mary orphanage was founded during the horrific period following Cyclone Nargis in 2008, in which more than 138,000 lives were lost and many children were displaced, orphaned, or cast into poverty.

About Mary. K. Yap Foundation:
A non-profit organization under the section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, registered in State of Delaware, U.S.A with (EIN47-2687230). One of the ultimate aims of the foundation is to provide orphans of all ages in Myanmar with shelter, food, healthcare and basic education. The generous contributions and donations extended by friends and family members of Mary K. Yap Foundation are made available for better lives of children.

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