Candidate: #2

Date: June 01, 2017

Name: Yu Na Di Lin @ Thamechaw

Birth place: Taungoo, Bago Division

Translated version from Original Myanmar text to English language

Expression of Interest

My name is Naw Yu Nadi Lin a.k.a Yu Hline Dit John a.k.a Thamechaw. My birth town is Taungoo, Bago Division. My family lives at Thanmoetaung Village, Thantaunggyi Township, Kayin State. Now, I’m studying Grade (8) at the Myaung Taga High School, Hmawbi, Yangon. There used to be 4 people in the family, but now, 3 because of my father passed away. I have a younger sister. My mother sent me to this orphanage on May 26, 2014. I started here at Grade (5) which was about 4 years ago. My mother provides medical assistance at our village. My sister is attending Grade (3). I studied up to Grade (4) at our village. I lost my father, when I was grade (4). I have to come here to attend Grade (5) at Myittamon Orphanage, Franciscan Missionary of Mary Sisters School. My aim is to become an educated person. When my aims are completed, I want to give my precious appreciation to my parent. At this orphanage, I am very happy staying with my friends. I can expand my knowledge here. I can also have a better understanding. I like to offer my time and attention for philanthropical work. I want to become a pilot, an ambassador and an interpreter. I want to learn English and Computer. The reason for coming to this orphanage is for me to pursue my ambition to become a responsible adult and to be able to stand on my own feet. Sometimes, I want to return to my village. But, I can’t. I can only go home during holidays. Sometimes questions cross my mind if I should be studying at our village school. I will not be successful if I remain at village. I don’t want to return to my village during the school season. I left my family because I want to study.

Last year, Sisters encourage us to study. They tell us to "try hard, learn computer applications and create the chance to study abroad.” I am more motivated to try hard and to study each and every day. I always think about studying hard so that I will have the opportunity to live and ordinary life like successful people. Since I was young, I want to study abroad. I understand that my aims are very BIG and therefore, if I stay in the village, it will not be easy to achieve my goals. So I came to this Myittamon Shelter. I am extremely grateful to God for allowing me to stay here. I feel satisfied and fulfilled because of the guidance and attention I received from the Sisters. Sisters continuously remind us how fortunate we are to stay here. They tell us that many children who want to live and study at this orphanage could not be accepted here. We are here because of God’s Grace.

I promise that I will try very hardly to study from now. If I don’t try, we will fail and the next generation of children will be blocked. So I don’t want to block their future. My goals are to be successful one day. I will give my attention and help to the orphans from the rural areas. I will support and participate in the philanthropic activities to benefit my village. I will build the “foundation” with army of people to advance the needy people. I will build my own building. I will donate to orphanages. I am very much appreciate and happy to be part of the "High School Diploma" Program. I will never forget to pay back U Peter and his team. We are always thankful for helping us to build our future dreams. We will try very hard. The time given to us has been inconvenience. For this reason, we will try very hard to study. We are grateful to Ma Ma Nan and Ma

Ma Yi Wai because of their confidence in us. They tried to be here for us even though their schedules are very busy.

We always thank to U Peter and his team for always thinking about us and helping us to reach our potentials. You will always be in our prayers.We always thank to U Peter and his team for always thinking about us and helping us to reach our potentials. You will always be in our prayers.


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